About Learnnn

Learnnn is a product of GlobalRize.

GlobalRize is an internet mission — reaching the world for Christ online.

Frequently asked questions

Who can teach on Learnnn
Anybody who agrees to the Community Guidelines, and the Terms of Service is welcome to teach on Learnnn.
What can I teach?
Any course that complies with the Community Guidelines for Course Providers.
How does a course on Learnnn look like?
Every course on Learnnn has course content and questions. The course content may be text (with or without illustrations) or video. Questions may be open or multiple choice. Some courses are automatically checked; in others, students get a mentor to talk about their answers.
Why is Learnnn better than other e-learning platforms?
  • Learnnn is free for both students and teachers.
  • Learnnn is a place where people come for trusted content.
  • Learnnn has a unique system allowing you to personally mentor each student.
Why is it free to teach at Learnnn?
Learnnn is part of a non-profit. The software to run Learnnn is developed by GlobalRize, and is being used to mentor thousands of Bible students. GlobalRize wants to bless others and give them the same opportunity. We expect that donations will pay for the costs of developing and maintaining Learnnn.
Can I earn money by teaching?
All courses are offered for free. However, you can receive donations through the courses you teach.
What formatting can I use for custom certificate templates?
To issue custom course certificates, you can upload an certificate template file in your course settings. This is an HTML file from which certificates in PDF format are generated. If you want to use non-standard fonts, use web fonts. If you want to use vector graphics, use SVG images in your template. You can specify the size of the document using the CSS style @page { size: ... } (default is A4).
In your template file, the following variables can be used:

The name of your school.

The URL of your school.

The name of the course.

The url of the course.

The name of the student.

Either maleText or femaleText, depending on the student's gender. Example: {{student:he|she}}.

Either true or false, depending on whether the student had a mentor for this course. Can e.g. be used in an element's class name.

The name of the mentor.

Either maleText or femaleText, depending on the mentor's gender. Example: {{mentor:his|her}}.

The student's overall score for the course, as a rounded percentage.

The URL of the mentor's signature. Can be used for an image or background image.

The date the student finishes the course.

The date the certificate is issued.